Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 8 - 2:40 PM

Yesterday I had nothing but tea, water and probiotics. My stomach was normal all day long. It was so nice. While talking to my table mates last night about bloating they recommended that I ask for clear broth. I have been thinking that the broth is rather thick and they confirmed that this was not the case when the original doctor was still around. So before heading up to my room I asked one of the employees if I could get clear broth. She said, "without carbohydrates and without pureed potatoes - sure, no problem". I am glad I asked because pureed potatoes is the last thing I need with candida overgrowth.

I woke up today and my stomach was still normal. It felt so awesome and I was so excited. I skipped the juice for breakfast because that too has way too much sugar for candida overgrowth. At lunch, as promised I had clear veggie broth while everybody else was sipping thick tomato broth. It was tasty but the disappointment was that half an hour after drinking it I was just as bloated as before. This definitely put a damper on my mood and I just wanted to cry. I am trying to remind myself that I still have 13 days to go and my body will do a lot of healing in that time. But it's definitely harder keeping a positive attitude and to keep believing in healing when clear broth makes you bloat and look like you are pregnant. I will discuss it with the doctor during my next appointment.

I also feel tired, worn out, and down today. After lunch I tried to take a nap but despite being very tired I could not fall asleep. Today is a tough day - I just want this to be over. I am faced with eliminating even the clear broth if I want to get better and then I have to figure out how to keep my blood sugar from dropping too low. I already got my schedule for tomorrow and there was no doctor's appointment on it so Tuesday will be the earliest I can discuss it with the doctor.

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