Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 4 - 2:10 PM

Last night was rough. By 8 PM the pain in my lower back was radiating down my right leg all the way into my foot. It was awful and I had a hard time falling asleep because of it. I woke up around 1:15 AM and it seemed even worse. So I took 1/2 of a Percocet and 2 Tylenol and once the pain was subsiding, I was able to fall asleep again until 6 AM. This morning I had no pain but I felt very swollen all over - my eye lids, my face, and my whole body. I could barely get my wedding band on.

I had tomato juice at 8 AM, a hot/cold herbal arm bath at 9:10 AM, went for a 30 minute walk, then got a colonic at 10:20 AM. Next I sat in the infrared cabin for 25 minutes, then took a shower and had tomato broth for lunch. I still feel very swollen right now but have no pain...not sure if that's still from the painkillers.

The doctor did not take my weight the first day but I had to weigh myself the second morning right before the colonic. I weighed 65 kilos (143 lbs.). The next morning I weighed 64.5 kilos (141.9 lbs.) and today I weighed the same as yesterday. When I made the reservation to come here I was happy with my size. Since then I have gone up a size so I am glad that I will also lose some weight while I am here. Right now I am about 7 lbs heavier than I normally am.

Yesterday morning the bloating was almost gone when I got up, but after having juice and broth I was back to looking pregnant. This morning the bloating was worse again. I think I am not doing so well with the tomato juice so I am switching to red beet juice tomorrow. I may even throw in an occasional day of having just water and tea just to give my poor body a break.

There's nothing going on this afternoon I want to participate in but around 7:30 PM a doctor is doing a presentation. It's called "We are what we eat and think". Should be interesting.

After lunch I started working on the gloves I am knitting for Bob. (I love you honey but I hope you never want handmade gloves again). Man, knitting all those individual fingers is cumbersome. I only have to do the index finger and thumb and I am done with the right glove.

Emotionally I feel dark and disconnected. I am praying every day but I feel nothing. They are just words I am saying without any feeling attached to them. I hate it when I am like this but I have found that this tends to be part of die off for me as well. So I keep reading the bible, I keep praying, and I keep talking to God. I do hope that throughout this fast I will draw closer to Him.

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