Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 2

Today was a good day. Woke up around 6 AM and walked downstairs to get some tea. Still have a slight headache and white colored tongue. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be though.

At 7:30 AM I got my first chamomile infused colonic after they weighed me (142 lbs). The colonics only last about 10 minutes since you are getting one every day. So it’s not the full blown 45 minute deal. After the colonic I went to breakfast. I had some carrot juice, filled my water bottle and went back to my room. At 9:15 AM I got a hot/cold foot bath. They have double sinks lined up along the floor. One side has warm bath water with some herbal foam bath in it. The other side has cold, VERY cold, plain water in it. You put your legs up to about mid-calf into the warm herbal bath water for 5 minutes. Then you stick your legs into the cold water for about 10 seconds. You repeat this one more time and supposedly this brings “tired legs back to life”. Ummm, ok.

Since my legs were “alive” after this nice bath, or at least part of them, I walked down to town (Bad Brueckenau) to see if I can find a skin brush. The store the doctor recommended was nice but seeing all the food and smelling the baked goods wasn’t exactly easy. I found my skin brush and left. I walked around the town a bit and took some pics then came back to the clinic.

Although I took a beta blocker this morning my heart rate was really high coming back up the hill to the clinic. I started feeling some anxiety about the state of my health but decided not to go there. Instead I

Kept telling myself that I am getting better and better every day.

On a different note, when I looked at the tiny amount of Epsom salt they left in my room last night I did not think it would do much. Boy was I wrong. About 40 minutes after taking I was in the bathroom….several times and then again when I got up this morning.

After my walk to town I sat in the infrared cabin for 15 minutes (must bring a book next time so I can last the recommended 30 minutes) and then I took a swim. Or attempted to take a swim at least. After 5 minutes I was bored and went back to my room to take a shower. I also don’t think dwelling in a pool with tons of chlorine is very conducive to healing.

I took a shower and read until it was time for lunch. Today we got potato broth which was INCREDIBLE. It wasn’t clear broth but looked like they had pureed just tiny bit of potatoes into it. I know, you wouldn’t think that potato broth could be that good but it was! I once read that you should chew your liquids and drink your food so I tried chewing each spoonful. I know I don’t chew my food well enough and it’s something I want to change when I am done with this fast.

I have met several people who come here on a regular basis. One woman I spoke to this morning said she has been coming here for 26 years. Another woman last night said this is her 7th time. She also said that things were even more basic when the doctor who originally started the clinic was still alive. Apparently he felt that everybody who has health issues should fast at least 4 weeks. There were no TVs in the rooms and there was no internet connection. He wanted people to focus inward and get the spiritual benefits of fasting.

Next I went to a roundtable discussion on fasting. It was interesting and I got to ask a lot of questions. The guy leading the discussion suggested I have broth at night instead of tea with honey. It was one of the questions I had since I have fungal overgrowth and fungi as well as bacteria feed on sugar.

I tried the sauna again but took a beta blocker about half an hour before I went. It was better but I still felt dizzy and my heart was racing after sitting in the sauna. While I was sitting in there by myself I started thinking about all the health issues I have been dealing with. I started saying over and over “God heals all diseases” and then I just started to cry. I have been SO stressed dealing with all these health issues daily. The hardest part is eating and then reacting, every single day.

After the sauna I took the house tour since I missed it yesterday. The lady who does the tour was half an hour late. After the tour I got my broth and now I am here. Hoping to Skype with Bob and then head to the room for the night.

Now I’m hungry and cranky!

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