Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 12 - 6:15 AM

The last two days I woke up at 4 AM although I went to sleep around 10 Pm the night before. Yesterday it caught up with me. Although my day started out great it didn’t end so well. I was incredibly tired. My eyes were burning and I was exhausted yet I was unable to nap despite trying 4 times throughout the day. In addition, I tried clear broth at lunch time and was ok for several hours. But then did get really bad bloating again. I am beginning to think it has nothing to do with an intolerance to the vegetable they used to make the broth (in this case carrot), but maybe it’s just a healing or die off reaction. Still, it was frustrating and annoying. At the same time I realize that I am being impatient and probably expecting too much. The fact that the 24/7 bloating was gone after only 6 days is HUGE and I still have quite a few days of fasting left.

I did sleep better last night and a bit longer. I woke up at 3 AM because the Epsom salt kicked in but was able to go back to sleep until almost 5 AM. So on that front I feel better. However, I took some grapefruit seed extract last night and I once again have a wicked die off headache and backache today. The doc may be right about the candida being flushed out out of my colon, but that’s not doing anything for systemic candida. I am definitely going back to eating zero carb after this fast and will start eating coconut oil and taking Nystatin as well as grapefruit seed extract. I will have to start them one at a time and increase slowly.

Emotionally I feel drained today. I was praying this morning and when I prayed for my mom I burst into tears. She lives her life in anxiety, worry, and self-doubt. People use her and take advantage of her and she does nothing about it and it makes me SO sad. I just want her to have some joy in her life and not worry so much about everything or what other people think. You would have to meet my mom to realize how extreme and unrealistic her concerns are. Her forgetfulness is getting really bad as well. I cried while I prayed for her. I had prayed for everybody else and moved on to pray for myself and I just kept crying. I was on my knees begging God to remove the food allergies. I cannot put into words how much torture it has been in the last 14 months to eat. I guess that all came crashing down on me this morning and it was good to cry about.

I have another doctor’s appointment this morning so I will discuss the bloating once again. But as I said before, I think it may not have anything to do with a food intolerance. I think I am just going to have to be patient, eat right (after the fast), and take my probiotics. They use a product here called “Pro Symbioflor” which strengthens your immune system and also builds up good bacteria in your colon (supposedly). I read a bit about it yesterday and found a webpage with customer comments. Everybody who commented really liked it and mentioned how it helped them (assuming those are true!). It was given to me my first day here and they recommend taking “Symbioflor I” and then “Symbioflor II” after I finish the one I have now. They’re all by the same company. I may get them here and take them home with me. My only concern is the yeast extract in them but I have read that the extract has no actual yeast left in it. Supposedly it’s just various vitamins and minerals. And naturopaths in Germany recommend it to help with fungal overgrowth so I assume it’s ok.

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