Saturday, August 18, 2012

Memories of Mojo 08.18.2012

Mojo loved and lived for food. This picture is of him standing in the kitchen while I was cooking hoping something will drop or that I would feed him something. I have to admit I often did and that just encouraged him standing behind me or beside me the entire time I was cooking or baking. One time I dropped a piece of onion and before I could say "leave it" he had swallowed it. Fortunately it was a small piece because onions are not good for dogs.

Since he loved food that meant he also loved pork rinds and so do I. Whenever I ate pork rinds I would feed him a few and it was so cute to see him crunching away on them rather than inhale them like most of his other food. Whenever the weather allowed it I would take Mojo with me to run errands and if I stopped at a grocery store I usually got some pork rinds for us to share in the car. It was "our thing".

When we started chemo, and he had to go in every week for IV chemo treatments, Dr. K's assistant N. told me that she had given him some treats and that she hoped it was ok. Since he had cancer it was even more important to us that he stayed on a grain-free diet. I had also started making smoothies for him from boiled chicken breast, broth, a green powder and all kinds of other goodies. So every week I would cut up some chicken breast and take it with me in a little plastic bag. When it was time for him to go back for his treatment, he never wanted to go and it was heart breaking for me. However, I would give N. the bag with chicken breast which she showed him and he followed her willingly. He had his priorities. :)

Like most dogs he loved sticking his head out the window while driving and he would just stand on the backseat the entire time with his big lips flopping in the wind. Like any good mom, if it was really cold I would crank the heater, and if it was really warm, I would crank the A/C just so he could ride with his head out the window. I did just about anything to make him happy. :)

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