Friday, August 17, 2012

Memories of Mojo 08.17.2012

Since I am home most of the day I do most of my "living" downstairs with my laptop set up on the coffee table. Quite often as I was sitting there, leaning forward and typing away, Mojo would come over and stick his big, cute head through my arms and just sit down, so that I was basically hugging him. It was pretty much impossible to keep typing and not hug and and love on him. It was so cute. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of him doing so.

Other times he would be walking in front of me and just stop and sit down. He would do anything to get attention and affection and he also gave love and kisses often and freely. I love how big he was and that I could wrap my arms around him or wrestle with him on the floor. And I love that he would snuggle up right next to you and put his head somewhere on your body if you got down on the floor with him. Unless he tried to sit on you of course!

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