Thursday, August 16, 2012

Memories of Mojo 08.16.2012

 My sweet friend Starlene of GAPS Diet Journey called me earlier today to check on me and to see how I am holding up. We talked about Mojo of course and I also mentioned Dr. Dahlgren's recommendation during yesterday's phone consult about journaling daily about positive memories of Mojo. Starlene suggested that I do this on my blog and I thought that was a good idea.

So as I was cleaning the house this morning trying to distract myself I thought about how Mojo came to be a part of our family a little over 10 years ago. When I met DH he had our current dog Pepper and I had a black lab named Dakota. While we were on our honeymoon we left our dogs with a friend who also had a dog and both of our dogs ran away. Pepper came back and Dakota never did.

As sad as this story is, and as hard as it was to lose Dakota back then, one of the many times we went to the local animal shelter in Austin hoping someone had found him and dropped him off, we saw little Mojo. We walked past his run and I instantly fell in love with him. He was just a small fry back then as my friend Patty called him, and mostly all ears. I asked the employee who was walking around with us if I could get into the run with him and she said that was fine. I walked into the run, got on my knees, and he immediately climbed onto my lap. Back then he only weighed 55 lbs but he never did stop climbing on people's laps even when he weighed 100 lbs. We took him out of the run and walked him a bit and he did his business back in a grassy area and the employee at the shelter indicated that he was already housebroken. Such a smart boy!

DH and I talked and we decided that we would start the adoption process and that we would continue to look for Dakota and that we would just have 3 dogs if we could get him back. Dakota never did return but our adoption application was approved and so Mojo came to live with us.

The day we picked him up DH and I met at the shelter, finalized all the paper work, then I drove home with him in my car. I put him on the passenger seat, which he tore up a few months ago, and while I was driving he again tried to climb onto my lap. From the start, Mojo was an incredibly cuddly, snuggly, loving, and very generous with hugs and kisses.

DH and I are planning to go through pictures of Mojo together this weekend and maybe even create a collage of some sort. I will find the pictures of him when we first got him and will then scan and post them.


  1. I am loving reading your memories of Mojo. He was definitely one of those special pooches. I think the collage idea sounds awesome too. You had also mentioned framing his collar - maybe a collage behind the collar. I'm so sorry for your loss.