Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Fast Day 12

I can't believe I am on day 12 already. It has gone by relatively fast. This morning I had the same symptoms as the last two days, but my heart rate shot up all the way into the 170s. Amazing what removing that little bit of juice did to me. My blood sugar was down to 69 as well. I may have to add the juice back in. I also feel sort of numb and out of it today and my mood is gloomy. Of course today I have some work to do. Would have been nice if it had come yesterday when I was feeling clear headed and more like myself.

I decided to head back on Saturday instead of Sunday. I just don't want to drive 12 hours straight and I need to be back on Sunday. I have a chiro appointment on Monday and now that I have work I want to be back.

I am up to 6 drops of ProSymbioflor, 5 drops of L. Reuteri, and 1/2 tsp of Sauerkraut brine now. Although I have eaten practically nothing, I had a bowel movement (on my own) yesterday and today. Hard to believe there's anything left inside me but I am thrilled that my bowels are moving without help. I am guessing it's the SK brine or the combo of the SK brine and other probees. I never thought that I would get excited over a bowel movement OR that I would talk about my bowel movements on a blog!

Yesterday I took Mojo swimming at Radio Island. I may go there again today. The temps is dropping to 61 on Friday so today and tomorrow are the last two days I can take him swimming.

Radio Island

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