Saturday, June 4, 2011

GAPS Re-Intro: Day 4

Symptoms this morning: Headache, upper backache, lower backache, pain in calves, top of arms from elbows down, back of hands, back of fingers, and wrists, abdominal distention, red/burning/watery eyes, runny nose, constipation, tired, fatigued, not fully cognitive, elevated heart rate (not as bad as yesterday), right eye lid swollen, puffy face, crazy hungry, overall stiff body.

I am thrilled about my heart rate being lower and it came down even more after I took my morning dose of HC (10 mg). I just walked down to the kitchen and my heart rate was hovering between 85 and 97 which is about 20 beats lower than it has been the last 4 or 5 days. I lowered my dose of Cytomel yesterday by 3.125 mcg but I also increased the SR potassium to 15 meq from 10 meq. Either one of those could be responsible for the drop in heart rate.

I slept pretty good but only until 3:30 AM. Got up to use the bathroom and was hoping to go back to sleep, but it just wasn't happening. So at 4 AM I got up, fixed my coffee, let Pepper out, and came back to bed to check emails, approve and answer GAPS messages, read my devotionals, etc.

I did take another dose of d-ribose this morning in my coffee and also took 1 gram of l-carnatine and 500 mg niacin. No reaction so far that I can tell. I am hoping the supplements will help with energy, concentration, and overall healing. Of course after sleeping only 6 hours I doubt I will notice any improvement in energy today although from what I understand d-ribose gives people a fairly instant boost in energy. I wish I could nap during the day but have always had a hard time with it even when I feel dead tired. In addition, our upstairs AC unit is not working properly and it gets very hot and humid upstairs where our bedroom is during the day.

Yesterday I ate boiled salmon, hamburger patties (not boiled), extra lard on top of the hamburger patties, egg yolks, and beef bone broth. Today I am having boiled pork tenderloin, ground pork patties, pork bone broth, and egg yolks. I went to bed hungry last night and woke up still feeling hungry this morning. It's this never-ending hunger that also makes me think parasites may be an issue. Hopefully the stool test kit will get here today so I can do the test over the weekend and send it back on Monday.

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