Friday, June 15, 2012

Second Follw-Up Appointment with Dr. D June 2012

I just had another phone consult with Dr. D. She had ordered some blood tests and I wanted to discuss the results (link to result below), plus there were some other issues I wanted to talk about. Below are my questions/comments and her responses.

  1. The abdominal distention I am dealing with is really bad still and starting to bother me more and more physically and emotionally.

    She would like to try Claritin to see if it will help and said to take it as directed. This is a problem in people with high histamine, but even more so in people with low histamine (like me) because the smallest amount of histamine in the body causes an extreme reaction. She said since I react to everything I eat, not just certain foods, this might help.
  2. I asked about the importance of getting rid of our wireless internet. I already turn it off at night, or at least most nights, but I know that Dr. Klinghardt is pretty adamant about getting rid of it completely.

    She feels as long as I turn it off at night that's sufficient. She also suggested turning off the fuses to our bedroom at night and getting YSHIELD paint. Apparently it is best to paint the entire outside of the house with this paint, but since it is very costly she said painting the inside of the bedroom will be ok.
  3. I noticed on my blood test that my estrogen is now at a good level, but progesterone is barely existing. My concern was that the testosterone I use is converting to estrogen.

    It's possible that testosterone is converting but estrogen is at a good level so that's ok. Progesterone is definitely too low and she wants me to increase to 100 mg of progesterone cream (from 30 to 40 mg) and we will re-test in 3 months.
  4. I mentioned that I get depressed/frustrated/negative somewhat cyclically and also gain weight every 2 to 3 weeks for no apparent reason. I go along doing ok, feeling positive, dealing with all these symptoms and then from one minute to the next I am in this dark place and I gain 3 to 4 pounds in a matter of two days.

    She thinks this is due parasites since they have cycles and not hormones which I suspected. She would like me to take another course of Albenza but this time take half the dose (200 mg twice a day) and also add Sporanox 100 mg once a day for possible fungal overgrowth. A lot of my symptoms do still sound like they could be fungal.
  5. The colon hydrotherapist had offered to barter for colonics and told me that I could continue getting two colonics back to back. Although I am going back on parasite treatment I asked if that's too much.

    Two colonics back to back per week are ok as long as I feel they are helping even if I am not doing parasite treatment.
  6. I asked about my thryoid test results and mentioned that I have been losing more hair since lowering my dose.

    She feels that FT3 is still too high and that the hair loss could be fungal. She would like me to lower T3 a bit more and take Sporanox as mentioned above.
  7. One of the things she put me on when I was there in April was Mimosa Pudica. I am to take 1/2 teaspoon a day, starting with two days a week, and working up to five days a week. I mentioned that I am having a hard time with it in that is causes horrible cravings for sweets and a huge appetite.

    Dr. Dahlgren said to reduce the dose by half and also said that one of her patients takes 1/16th of a teaspoon a day because she is so sensitive to it. I can do that as well if that works better for me.
Last but not least, both Dr. Dahlgren and Dr. Klinghardt, as well as a few other doctors, are leaving the Comprehensive Medical Center and opening their own practice. I had already heard that Dr. Klinghardt was leaving and yesterday was told that Dr. Dahlgren is leaving as well. I was told she will be leaving end of June and they didn't know when the new practice would open. That scared me a little since these phone consults really help me. However, Dr. D said as of right now they are staying through July and opening the new practice in August.

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