Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Follow-Up Appointment One with Dr. D in Kirkland

I got to Seattle yesterday around 7 PM, picked up my rental car and drove up to Kirkland, WA. I am staying at the Baymont Inn just like last time. Nothing fancy but it's cheap, relatively clean, and about 5 minutes from the doctor's office.

Before I start writing about the appointment earlier today I should mention that I started having chest pain on the left Friday a week ago. A few days later I started having pain in my left lower arm and in my left hand. This pain was very much like the pain I experienced after the blood donation last spring any time I took potassium. So I tried reducing my intake of potassium chloride but it didn't help. Next I tried stopping Vasopressin, since it can affect electrolyte balance but that did not help either. Finally I decided to call Dr. D but she was out and I ended up talking to Dr. A. She ordered some lab work (CMP, CBC, and thyroid) which I got first thing last Thursday and a stress EKG which I have not gotten yet. Sodium and potassium looked great, but some other things were off. WBC was low, EOS was elevated, ALT PHOS was low, and more.

So the first thing Dr. D and I discussed today was the pain in my chest and in my arms. The latter went away about two days after I broke my fast so maybe some of it was due to die off. Hard to say. I also started my anti-parasitics last Friday - I took Biltricide for two days and since Sunday I am on Ivermectin and Pyrantel Pamoate. I have to take both of those for 14 days then I start Albenza.

Dr. D then asked if I had any questions which I did. I had read that some organisms/biofilm like fat and was wondering if eating a high fat diet would make things worse. She said that is true and Dr. Steven Fry sometimes puts people on a low fat diet, but she said there are too many other health issues associated with eating a low fat diet that she is not in favor of a low fat diet, especially since I am on quite a few anti-microbials. She said she would prefer that I eat as much fat as I can tolerate as long as I stick to healthy fats like animal fats from pastured animals, coconut oil, butter, palm oil, etc.

I asked her if DPP IV really does help with gluten digestion, not because I want to start eating gluten, but as a preventetive measure if we go out to eat or on our upcoming cruise for example. She said that it definitely can be helpful and that is exactly when she would use it, but not for eating gluten on a regular basis.

I had also read that some organisms love hormones and having low hormone results could be an indication of the body down regulating hormones so bugs aren't being fed. My concern was with the fact that I use both progesterone cream and testosterone cream. She said that this is also true, but when a person is on anti-microbials it's good to replace the missing hormones to build them up a bit.

Next I mentioned that I still get a lot of itching from the detox deodorant. When I brought it up over the phone a few weeks ago she thought it might be due to metals being drawn to the skin and fungi going crazy eating the metals. She suggested putting coconut oil on my skin but it did not help. Actually, the itching got so bad, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, walk into the bathroom, and "scratch" myself with my dry skin brush. I also started getting small bumps on my skin. Dr. D said unfortunately that means I am most likely allergic to one of the herbs in the deodorant and to stop using it.

I mentioned that the abdominal distention seems worse than ever as does my never ending hunger, and that I am now also craving sweets since starting the anti-parasitics. She feels confident that the abdominal distention and hunger are from parasites, and the increased hunger and sweet cravings are most likely die off from the anti-parasitics (which is a good sign).

Dr. A had come in to join us and next they asked me to get on the table to see what's going on with my body using ART (Autonomic Response Testing). Dr. D said that I seem to be dealing with Babesia issues right now and it appears that the Babesia is causing the chest pain. Apparently this is very common for Babesia and often an EKG will look perfectly normal but she still wants me to go ahead and get it.

Parasites are also big for me right now and I tested good for all the anti-parasitic medication. She said I should have a little splurge on occasion and about 15 minutes later take my anti-microbials. Eating sweets draws bugs into the gut where the medications are active, so eating something sweet then taking meds will kill some bugs apparently. I also tested for needing more probiotics than I currently take.

Also, my liver is really struggling right now as are my kidneys. Below is my treatment plan for now. She said not to refill any of my existing supplements until we have tested them on Friday.

Treatment While in Kirkland
  1. IV Hepa Merz (for liver support - got this earlier today)
  2. O-Zone Steam Sauna followed by Colonic (scheduled for tomorrow)
  3. Cranial sacral with Dr. Beck (she is out so I am not getting this one)
Digestive Support
  1. Custom Probiotics 11-Strain Formula - 2 scopps a day in addition to existing probiotics
Detox Support
  1. Hyaluronic Acid - 2 dropperfuls twice per day under tongue 15 minutes away from food
  2. Galactose - 1/2 teaspoon twice per day in water
  1. Cordy Chi - 2 capsules twice per day before meals
  2. Rizol Gamma - 10 drops twice per day in a little water, gargle then swallow twice per day
  3. Homeo-K BAB - 5 drops twice per day with other Homeo-K remedies
  1. Homeo-K Energy -  5 drops twice per day with other Homeo-K remedies
Next appointment is tomorrow at 9:45 AM.

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