Saturday, April 30, 2011

GAPS Intro: Day 6

Not much to report really. I am dealing with quite a bit of die off, my heart rate seems higher again and I don't know why, and I am still on stage 1 except that I ate grilled meat last night. I also started the supplement last night that Dr. NCM recommended. In addition, I am thinking about adding Interfase Plus back in. I took it last year for a while and was starting to see improvements. Then I stopped taking it, got strep, then scarlet fever, and things have just been rough since then. I may order it today and start taking a small dose in the AM. Maybe the combo of Interfase Plus, the Berberine/GSE supp, and increasing probees and ferments slowly will finally show some improvements.

I mowed the yard yesterday and I had barely started the backyard (which is a PAIN to mow due to the slope and uneven soil) when the new, self-propelled mower stopped working. I could not get it to start back up. My guess is that it was just overheated and I should have waited a while but instead I finished the backyard with the old push-mower. What a pain that was and I am feeling it today. I probably won't be doing much the rest of the day although it's so nice outside it's a shame to sit inside.

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