Monday, October 29, 2007


Candida puts out over 79 toxins some of which are alcohol and can make you feel like you have a hangover. Well, that's how I feel this morning and then some. Right now my face and eye lids are so swollen I look like a different person. I had to get up at midnight for a saliva sample (to test my hormone levels) and at that point I took 4 aspirin for my headache. Aspirin always takes several hours for me to work. At 4 AM I had to give another saliva sample and I took another 2 aspirin - I know, not the greatest thing I could do. But even with all that aspirin I still have a slight headache.

During PMS I always think it's impossible for me to gain anymore water weight and then I eat like I did last night and my body expands even more. Even my baggy clothes are tight on my today which of course hits my ED (eating disorder) issues. Fasting is not recommended on Bee's anti-candida diet program but that's my plan for today. Sadly, I wish this day were over already.

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