Sunday, October 28, 2007

A fresh start

I have been sick for 5 years. Early on a nutritionist suggested candida overgrowth among other issues, but his supplements and diet did not help. Now, thousands of dollars and a hysterectomy later, I still feel like shit. Every day. My symptoms include but are not limited to headaches, backaches, food intolerances, water retention, abdominal distention, swollen eye lids, puffy face, dull pain in my calves, 10 day cycles with 8 of those 10 days being PMS, mood swings, depression, acne, joint and body stiffness, muscle aches and pains, overall feeling of malaise, fatigue. I can't remember the last time I felt really good.

Four weeks ago while I was in Germany visiting Mom, an email acquaintance recommended a Yahoo Candida Support Group . After reading through some of the many files, posting questions and receiving answers, I feel that the diet, supplements, and guidelines recommended on this forum are the way to go. I kind of started while I was still in Germany. Once back here I decided to have a splurge once a week. I tried this last week and it turned into more of a 3-day splurge. By Thursday I was finally feeling better and yesterday, Saturday, I foolishly decided to splurge again. My reasoning was that I am swollen from PMS anyhow so why not splurge a little. Stupid, I know! I splurged last night, and this morning, and this afternoon, and tonight. Therefore I feel like crap. Why do I do this to myself.

Nevertheless, I have decided that this is it. Tomorrow I will attempt to water fast. My official starting date for the anti-candida diet is November 1st, 2007. This blog is a record of my progress as I follow this diet. According to Bee, the woman who started the support group, it takes one month of healing for every year that you were sick. I am sure I had candida issues a long time ago, but the really bad health problems started 5 years ago. If Bee is right then I should be feeling considerably better in about 5 months!

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