Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Morning After

Yesterday I took one to two doses of most of my new supplements. I don't have the nebulizer yet, picking that up today, so I could not do this particular treatment yesterday, and they were out of one of the probiotics so I couldn't take it. Considering all the anti-microbials and probees I added, in addition to the probees I already take, I feel ok this morning. Not good, I rarely feel good, but not worse than usual either. This is good.

Unfortunately I did not sleep well at all last night. I went to bed around 9:15 PM and between then and 5:00 AM today I woke up 5 times and had to go to the bathroom 2 times. I did have some green tea around 7 PM although that normally doesn't affect my sleep.

I have three appointments today - sauna at 9 AM, colonic at 10 AM, a 30 minute follow-up with Dr. D at 1 PM, and a 90 minute appointment with Dr. Aleks who is going to take a look at my neck issue. She also said to talk to him about my abdominal issues. I also need to pick up the nebulizer between my morning appointments and my Dr. D appointment. The pharmacy is south of here and the girls at the front desk told me if I go after 3:30 PM it will take me an hour or more to make the 15 minute drive due to traffic. So it's another full day and it looks like there won't be any sight seeing.

One more thing Dr. D wanted me to do is schedule an appointment with Carrie, their neurolinguistic programming therapist. She wanted me to address my birth trauma with her (I had rhesus factor, was taken away from my mother immediately, did not have contact with her for the first 5 days, and had 2 blood transfusions in the first 12 hours I believe). Carrie is booked solid all week so I will not be able to see her. Dr. D recommended seeing her next time I come here or trying to find someone locally. I looked up neurolinguistic programming and I have a feeling DH won't be up for this treatment. I found some hypnosis centers doing the NL programming and I know DH is not a fan of hypnosis. I will have to do some more research.

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