Sunday, July 3, 2011

GAPS Intro #7: Day 3

Symptoms this morning: Same as yesterday but my heart rate went up to 142 versus to the 130s. Resting heart rate is very low which is typical for POTS. The other symptoms don't seem as severe as yesterday. I took 12 grams of liposomal Vitamin C, 1 capsule bentonite clay, and 1 capsule diatomaceous earth yesterday. Maybe all that helped to reduce the die off a bit. I also noticed and forgot to mention that the white part of my eyes looks red and "cloudy" and my eyes look small. That's the total opposite of my normally sparkly, white, big eyes. Praying that all this will improve soon!

My package from mom arrived yesterday so now I have the Symbioflor Probees as well as Primal Defense Ultra. I think I will start with the Symbioflor Probees today. Dr. Natasha said to start with one drop of the first one, build up to 25, add the next and do the same, etc. That means I would run out of the first one before all the others and there would be unequal amounts in the bottles which I don't like. Probably an OCD thing or something so I am going to start with 1 drop each today. If that goes well I will add 1/2 or 1 Primal Defense Ultra tomorrow. I was also thinking about rotating the Berberine and GSE Supplement with Nystatin every four days. I figure it can't hurt plus the Berb/GSE supp has anti-bacterials in it as well and I don't want to kill off more good guys. I might even get another anti-fungal like Caprylic Acid and rotate all three every four days.

It's only been two days and I am already tired of boiled meat. I don't know what it is, but it just tastes so different. I love meat, poultry, fish, etc. and for the most part only put salt on my food - no other spices - but frying meat in a cast iron skillet or baking it just gives it a much better flavor. So today DH is smoking beef ribs from Laurel Creek Meats and I am going to partake. At least it's GAPS legal food, the ribs have a nice layer of fat, and I made my own dry rub.

Update 9:20 AM:
Much like yesterday I feel more human, cognitive, and alert, but not good by any means. I am going to sit in the sun in a little while to soak up some Vitamin D and get a good sweat going. It's already 83 degrees with 78% humidity but the thermometer on the porch where I will be sitting, with the sun directly shining onto it, says 101.5 degrees. It won't be pleasant. After that I think I will soak in a semi-cold detox bath.

Update 4:00 PM:
Lunch was boiled chicken gizzards and Applegate Organics smoked pork bratwurst sauteed in tallow and a bowl of beef bone broth. That was so much better than just boiled meat. Around 3 PM I had a bowl of beef meat broth. I don't feel great but it could be worse. I started to get very tired and fatigued mid-afternoon but I think it's because I didn't go to sleep until 10:30 last night and woke up at 4:50 this morning. That's just not enough sleep for me these days.

Update 5:45 PM:
I am so distended I am in physical pain. I may have to start skipping lunch as well and eat dinner only. There is no way I can sit at a desk and work every day with this much discomfort.

Update 9:00 PM:
The distention got even worse after dinner and I had horrible fluid retention again. I hate living this way. In addition to the Symbioflor probees I took 1 Primal Defense Ultra.

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