Saturday, June 12, 2010


A week ago I repeated the stool test. Same one I did in March. Back then Dr. C had said I should see improvements in my symptoms. I haven't! So I am going on another fast, starting tomorrow. My plan is to do four days with clear veggie broth, water, and coconut oil, followed by five days of just water. And small amounts of coffee. I didn't wean off of it completely this time. I don't care...I am fasting anyhow to get rid of whatever is going on in my gut and then no more cheating.

This time I plan to "bombard" my body with probiotics while I am fasting. I already have a batch of water kefir on the secondary ferment (with apples) and another on the first ferment. I also have a jar of Custom Probiotics, Primal Defense, and Sauerkraut juice. I will drink/take as much as possible.

Results of the stool test should be in next week. Can't wait to see them.

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