Monday, March 22, 2010

Rosetta Stone

I purchased the Spanish language set from Rosetta Stone back in 2008 through Ebay. It turned out to be a scam which was annoying. The Ebay seller offered the product at a lower cost than Rosetta Stone was selling it for and claimed it was a new product. I think I paid about $80 less than I would have at Rosetta Stone. Once she had my payment, she called Rosetta Stone, placed an order in my name, and purchased it with an installment plan. She made the first payment on her credit card. When I got the product and realized it came directly from Rosetta Stone I contacted them immediately and it was a 5-day process to get everything worked out. Since I was able to prove that I purchased the product from someone at Ebay they waived the remainder of the payments. That was very nice!

Fast forward to today. I got a new laptop last week because mine was dying a slow death. I de-activated my Rosetta Stone language set on the old laptop as instructed, gave them the de-activation code and they said I am good to go with the installation on the new laptop. However, last week when I installed the application and then entered the activation code I was getting all kinds of error messages. I spent quite some time on the phone with them and it looked like it was working. When I actually tried to use it over the weekend, it kept asking me for an activation id so this morning I called them back. I had to 'splain the situation to two different people and then was told I need to hold on because they need to verify if my order is a valid order. UGH! That took a while but they did agree that my order is valid and my product is finally activated.

There's an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back.

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