Monday, March 30, 2009

::Dr. Bolte::

The cleanse I did in January did nothing for me. Neither is SCD or the 10 day broth/tea/water fast I did in February. I finally weighed myself and I have put on 14 lbs - I gained it all between September and December and now can't seem to lose it. It goes without saying how frustrating that is.

I went to see Dr. Kevin Merigian and he felt that I have "fermentation" and "fungal overgrowth" in my gut. That was 6 weeks ago and after taking all the supplements he recommended that cost me around $350 I still have not seen any improvements. My next appointment is on Friday but I am not even sure I should go.

In the meantime I have an appointment with Dr. Bolte on April 9th. He is in NY and I am flying in on the 8th and leaving on the 10th. I had called him in December as he is supposedly the "real Dr. House". He asked me to send him a letter with my medical history and that he would call me. When I had not heard anything several weeks ago I sent him a letter asking if he had gotten my initial letter. Since then I have been asking God specifically that if Dr. Bolte can help me, that He would open up an appointment with Dr. Bolte.

Sunday morning I got a call from Dr. Bolte asking if I am still interested in making an appointment. YES!!! I am reacting to so many foods at this point I don't know what to eat anymore. I have abdominal distention every day and after I eat it gets worse - it's so bad not that I dread eating and most days wait until dinner before I eat. I am praying and hoping that Dr. Bolte can figure out what is wrong.

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